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Kertagosa and Rafting

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Kertagosa hall of justice in Bali referred to locally as Taman Gili Kerta Gosa, is a historical landmark in Semarapura, the main town of the Klungkung regency in East Bali. Kerta Gosa forms part of the Puri Semarapura royal palace complex and features 2 main structures – a grand hall or the namesake Bale Kerta Gosa, which has ceilings filled with Kamasan-style paintings, and the Bale Kambang ‘floating hall’ or pavilion that’s surrounded by a moat.The site dates back to 1686 when it was commissioned by Dewa Agung Jambe, then ruler of the Klungkung kingdom. It has undergone a series of restorations in the past (the latest in 2014) and is one of Bali’s most important historical sites.

Rafting Activity

Telaga Waja River is located in East of Bali that is Rendang district Karangasem regency approximately 60 km or 1 hour from capital city of Denpasar, Rendang district is famous for the cold weather and having a beautiful view of Agung mountain the biggest mount in Bali. Bukit Cilli Rafting (BCR) Telaga Waja River is one of famous easy access rafting company at Telaga Waja River with the longest track almost 3 hours fun with no stair up at finish point to get our beatiful set up landscape restaurant near Apet bridge located between Karangasem and Klungkung Regency. BCR restaurant finish point designed with modern and traditional architecture, adjusted with the space viewing beautiful nature of Telaga Waja River. The start point of BCR Telaga Waja River is located on the main road of Muncan Street with viewing to the river valleys and ricefield surrounding areas and just few minutes to get the river bankside where the raft will bring you to explore the beautiful tropical rainforest of Telaga Waja River, the shortest walk down at start point.

Regular Packages

Transport full day (11 hours) + Driver and Gasoline Only

Capacity Price
1 – 5 personIDR 600.000/Car

Inclusive Packages

Transport full day (11 hours) + Driver and Gasoline + Entrance Fee Kertagosa + Rafting

2 – 3 PersonIDR 600.000/Person
4 – 6 PersonIDR 500.000/Person
Tirtagangga and Rafting

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