Watersport Uluwatu Kecak Dinner

Watersport Uluwatu Kecak Dinner

Watersport in Tanjung Benoa water sports center located in the southeast of the island and very close to the Nusa Dua area. Furthermore, most people have known the only place to have full choices of Bali marine sports activities located at Tanjung Benoa beach Bali. The reasons why Tanjung Benoa as a water sports center in Bali because the sea wave at Tanjung Benoa beach is calm and safe for a water sports game. After that we’ll going to Uluwatu Temple is the second most important temple on the island of Bali. This is a popular place of worship, where hundreds of curious tourists gather every day and pray. The temple is located in a picturesque place on the southwestern coast of the island, on top of a cliff hanging over the ocean. The simple construction of Pura Luhur Uluwatu consists almost entirely of white and gray blocks of petrified corals; it is a state temple dedicated to the spirits of the sea and in addition to a marvelous location, in the evenings in front of the entrance to the temple you can see the Kecak dance performance. During this dance, hundreds of men in black and white sarongs, sitting in a lotus position and raising their hands, say monotonously “ke-cak-ke-cak”. Men are sitting around the platform on which the dancers, in the light of the lamp, tell the story of Rama and Sita and last we will taking you to enjoy excellent dinner in Jimbaran that is make your holiday so memorable while visiting Bali.

Regular Packages

Transport full day (11 hours) + Driver and Gasoline Only

Capacity Price
1 – 5 personIDR 400.000/Car
Inclusive Packages

Transport full day (11 hours) + Driver and Gasoline + Entrance fee Uluwatu Kecak Dance

2 – 3 PersonIDR 400.000/Person
4 – 6 PersonIDR 300.000/Person
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