Wild life in Taman Safari Park Bali

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Welcome to Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park is one of famous destination in Bali located in Gianyar regency it is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience more than just a safari. Bali Safari Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia actively involved in ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species. Bali Safari have many fun activities that make you never bored when visit here.

Explore the jungle

Many animal live in here Bali safari build it like the animal life in their habitats so that make animal feel comfort and some animal have training to more friendly for tourist it’s safety for tourist when visit here

Night Safari

Bali Safari have a unforgettable adventure that is night safari it will invite you to visit animal life at night time that make you never forget about this moment !

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Bali Safari have many activities it’s very funniest you will never feel bored when visit here

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